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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

GOCCOPRO UK - Stage and Hen t-shirts

Here we show how easy it is to  print a Stag or Hen party t-shirt if you have a GOCCOPRO. Take the picture drop it into a template and print your digital silk screen its that easy.

Take a photograph, convert it, make your screen, printed the t-shirt all done in under 7 minutes. I'm sure you'll agree that is seriously quick,

So Its quick its easy but the bit i like the best is the quality. because a GOCCOPRO burns its image into the screen at 600dpi you can get really fine detail. This detail can be fine lines or even better grey scales. If you have a 30% grey scale in your design the screen master will have 30 present of the coating burnt away in the form of tiny holes. This only allows ink to pass through the tiny holes giving you a 30% coverage of ink onto the garment.

For more information on the GOCCOPRO go to our web site or call us on 0131 654 4304. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram

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