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Screen making has never been so easy. The all-new COMPUTOR-TO-SCREEN system with no need for chemicals, water or emulsions is here and its called GOCCOPRO.

There are two versions today that have been developed by RISO. the technology they have used has been around in other formats for a good number of years so when you buy a GOCCOPRO screen maker you can be assured you are buying a solid state bit of equipment that will serve you well.

The GOCCOPRO 100 - Capable of making a screen up to 800mm long
This simplifies the screen making system making it as easy as using a inkjet printer. No special skill required at any step including stretching the screen into a frame. Compact in size it fits on a table either in the office, workshop and . It can create screens at 600dpi and can be use with window or Apple Mac operating software.

This system will boost productivity and reduce labour costs simply by making the screen making process so much quicker. Removing the need for screen recovery alone is a massive saving.

Below we have a graphic showing the time line for screen making with both the GOCCOPRO 100 and QS200

GOCCOPRO QS200 - Perfect registration on an A2 image
The QS200 is our high end model perfect for multi coloured Printing. This is machine is targeted at the commercial printer who has a high demand or volume for garment printing. The standard master material you can have is 70tpi, 120tpi and 200tpi. These master rolls can cover most printing however we do have a new range of special make to order rolls if you have a specific requirement.  100tpi, 180tpi, 225,tpi, 250tpi and 270tpi, Generally these rolls would be made to order and would involve a longer lead time.

If you would like a demonstration of any of our models please e-mail us on or call us on 0131 654 4300. you can find more details about the machines on our web site

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