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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Screen-Printing Made Easy with the GOCCOPRO

Q) The title suggests this screen-printing is easy, Why?

A) Traditional Screen printers served an apprenticeship so there was a large amount of knowledge and skill required. There were several reasons for this and the GOCCOPRO eliminates these skills that were requires. The first part of screen-printing is making the screen, which involves coating a mesh, exposing the image and washout with chemicals. There are quite a few steps that take a lot of time, space and there can be slip ups or mishaps at each stage. This is the messy part that puts people off before you have even started printing, which is the fun part.

The GOCCOPRO does away with this first screen creating stage saving the operator a large amount of time. It then skips all of the messy troublesome bits. It de-skills this first step and at the same time increases the quality of screen produced. Within an hour anyone can be printing an amazingly detailed digital image that previously would have been a impossible for the traditional screen-printer.

Our screens will change the perception of screen-printing and customers will expect to be able to get high definition amazing half tones and far more complicated artwork. This is really what makes the GOCCOPRO so exciting

Q) Do you still require a level of skill to print even with your easily made screens?

A) I would say you do need a level of skill but you can pick this up very quickly with a little practice and you are learning the fun part knowing that your screen is perfect.

For more information on the GOCCOPRO 100 please call 01341 654 4304 or e-mail

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