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Thursday, 17 November 2016

GOCCOPRO Digiutal Screen print - In the beginning


This is the first post of our Digital screen printing blog were we will give you great insights into how easy, fun and cost effective it is screen printing with a GOCCOPRO system.

Please subscribe and feel free to give us feedback so we can best help give the best information we can.

We are starting off today giving you a little video showing how easy it is to take a selfie and then print it onto a t-shirt in 5 minutes. What I like most is the quality of print you can get so easily.

So that's all for today thanks for stopping by.



  1. I was impressed with this system from the time we first saw it in action at a roadshow in Bristol in 2015. It will be our next investment for our business keep posting as it helps me with ideas! Nick - Briz-Graphics.

    1. Cheers Nick there are so many amazing thing you can print with this system as it really opens up a lot of possibilities especially if you screen print for the fashion market.