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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Screen printing is easy money with GOCCOPRO

Q) How can screen printing create easy money for my business?

A) We get to see and visit lots of businesses who are all supplying printed garments to their customers. It’s amazing how every business has built up their customers in a style or format they are comfortable with. So the work you do fits with your own skill/s or comfort zone. If its easy for you to do the job you take more jobs like that, if its a pain you don’t. GOCCOPRO creates easy money because you can now be a traditional screen printer in an afternoon. It’s that easy.

  • Get customers artwork.
  • Send to screen maker.
  • Stretch screen.
  • Print.
  • Tidy by putting excess ink back in the tub and binning the screen.
  • Job done. You then have 20 finished T shirts, from customer’s artwork. The customer then picks up in one hour.

The cost of printing these 20 T shirts will be one hour of your time plus 30p of ink, plus £6 for your screen. That’s 31.5 p per T shirt.
If you want to print 100 T shirts the costs get even better. £1.50 for your ink, £6 for your screen,  that’s £7.50 plus two hours of your time as everything is already set up. So your T shirt print costs is now, 7.5p each.
You can see how screen printing can make easy money.

Q) Which type of garment decorators are taking advantage of this system?

A) Companies that vinyl cut see massive advantages in having a screen print system especially for jobs that are very difficult to weed.
Find out more about the GOCCOPRO 100 please call 01341 654 4304 or email


  1. This is very interesting post and the process is quit fast and easy. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks for getting in touch your system looks sweet. perhaps you may need to write a special section of your software to accommodate the quality of the GOCCOPRO.

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