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Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Screen printing is a desired method of printing. No sitting on a garment, no heavy vinyl.
When your customer leaves with their product they shouldn't be thinking 'It will last for bit' they should thinking 'wow I'm going to use these guys again'. Take a look in your cupboard now and I guarantee at least one of your favorite shirts is screen printed. That soft style effect that lives with the fabric not on it.

For decades this could only be achieved with the help of large industrial sized screen printers. This made the look lucrative, almost exclusive. Large accomplished brands were the controllers of screen printed garments. No longer. The small start up, straight of design school or the budding designer with an eye for new trends. All now have the ability to incorporate into their style.

Now with the ability to operate an effective screen print operation from just a table, you too can harness 'the screen print look'. Find out how by giving us a call or traipsing our website. Better yet come and have a shot, bring yourself and design to our Edinburgh manufacturing centre and we will hire you all our facilities for a day or even a week. This can be your opportunity to start something amazing and with the help of GOCCOPRO you can start it today.

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